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radiocarry.jpgIf your advertising strategy is focused on digital ads and social media, you might be missing out on a highly effective advertising option: radio. Radio advertising has several benefits for small business:

It’s affordable. Radio advertising is less expensive than cable television advertising but often has the same reach. Because repetition is important to radio advertising, the low cost enables you to run multiple ads, which gets better results.

It’s quick. Creating a radio ad is fast and easy if you use the services of the Praise FM 99.3 to produce your ad. That means you can often purchase radio ads and get them on the air within days.

Also, make sure you have specific goals for each ad campaign. Do you want to get customers to call for a consultation, visit your store or go to your website to make an appointment? Know exactly what you want each ad to accomplish — that way you’ll be better able to track whether it succeeds or not. Find out how to make radio work for you by contacting us at Praise FM 99.3. Let us make Radio work for you

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